CDP is our brandy and sparkling wine focused cocktail lounge next door.

The bar program celebrates the diverse variety of spirits distilled from fruit which qualifies them in the wonderful category of brandy. We have an extensive collection of single vintage Armagnac and Calvados as well as non-vintage blends of pisco, grappa, kirsch and eau de vie that are mixed into most of our specialty cocktails, or that can be enjoyed simply over ice or in a snifter. Our sparkling wine selection will highlight Champagne but also includes premium California sparkling wines Cava, Sekt and Prosecco. In addition, we offer our favorite spirits beyond the world of brandy. The Commis wine list is available in the lounge.

We only reserve lounge tables for our “Côte de Boeuf Prix-Fixe Menu”.

CDP Hours

Wednesday – Saturday  5pm – 11:30pm
Sunday  4:30pm – 11:00pm

caviar service

brown butter blinis, sour cream, sprouting onions, dill

commis private reserve california white sturgeon caviar
twenty-five grams 65
fifty grams 120

bites / fare / manger

salted marcona almonds, rose and pink peppercorn sugar 7

green olives scented with green juniper and lemon

hen liver mousse and dried fig bread tartine
strawberries, rhubard conserve, sichuan peppercorn 8

pacific oysters on the half shell
spiced green tomato ice, cucumber and coriander blossoms 22

wild caught white shrimp cocktail
vegetable crudité with lemon, shiro dashi cocktail sauce 22

blistered shishito peppers
japanese charcoal smoke, dried nori seaweed and sea salt 11

roasted yellow peach salad
pistachio, milk curds and watercress, champagne vinegar 13

crisp broken potatoes
preserved hot peppers, sesame seeds, goat’s milk yogurt 13

hand cut beef tartare
fines herbes with capers, hen of the woods mushrooms, crackers 17

pressed tallegio and speck bar sandwich
toasted caraway butter, raw orange blossom honey, pickled roots 13

seared sea scallops
lobster emulsion with exotic spice, basil and purslane 22

slow poached egg yolk, smoked dates, alliums and malt

commis levain bread
chicken skin butter with herbs 13

white chocolate trifle, blueberries and bergamot mint ice cream

côte de boeuf prix fixe, reserve online


beefeater 8
bols, genever, holland 14
bluecoat, philadephlia 9
diep 9 oude genever 9
hendricks 13
nikka coffey 10

avua prata cachaça 10
el dorado 15yr special reserve, guyana 10
gosling’s black seal 6
ron 30yr anniversario 16
trois rivières, cuvée l’océan 10
zaya ‘12’ rum, trinidad and tobago 9

agave de cortes 9
el jogorio tobala 29
el jogorio santiago matatlán 11
del maguey pechuga 65

cimarron blanco 9
fortaleza añejo 27
siete leguas reposado 13

baker’s 13
basil hayden’s 12
booker’s 17
noah’s mill 18
old forester 8
woodford reserve 9

copper fox, sperryville, virginia 11
high west ‘rendezvous rye’ 17
michter’s 12
rittenhouse 8
templeton ‘the good stuff,’ templeton, iowa 8

ardbeg ‘uigeadail’ single malt, islay, port ellen 19
laphroaig 10yr, islay 14
longrow, campbeltown 16
macallan 18yr, speyside 62

averna, sicily, italy 9
becherovka, czech republic 7
braulio, valtellina, lombardy, italy 10
cynar, italy 6
fernet, milan, italy 7
margerum, santa barbara, california 11
montenegro, bologna, italy 9
nardini, veneto, italy 9
nonino, friuli, italy 11
sibona, piemonte, italy 7
zucca rabarbaro, milan, italy 8


all cocktails 13

15yr spanish brandy / pedro ximenez / averna / angostura

norman argument
calvados / chartreuse / luxardo / lemon

commis old fashioned
cognac / maple / bergamot / angostura

flower power
vodka / grapefruit / rosemary / centennial hops / malt foam

tyrolean negroni
prosciutto-infused gin / aperol / amaro nonino

the wind cries ‘maria!’
mezcal / broiled lemon shrub / cherry / lime / cedar

vintage martini
blanche armagnac / blanc vermouth / house-made orange bitters

pineapple / tarragon / pisco / lime / kale / agave

calvados / curaçao / toasted pecan / lime / orange bitters

bourbon / pear brandy / honey / cider / lemon

duck fat-washed armagnac / sauternes / lillet

by the glass

champagne and sparkling
ca’del bosco, ‘annamaria clementi,’ franciacorta, italy 2008 57
canard duchêne, montagne de reims, champagne, france nv 21
gramona, cava brut gran reserve 2013 15
gusborne, brut blanc de blancs, kent, englad 2013 45
krug grande cuvée, champagne, france nv 70
peter lauer, riesling sekt, mosel, germany 2014 17
thiénot, brut rosé, champagne, france nv 28
vilmart & cie, ‘coeur de cuvee,’ rilly 1er cru, champagne 2009 98

asamai, ‘heaven’s door,’ tokubetsu junmai, akita nv 11
fuku chitose, ‘happy owl,’ junmai yamahai, fukui nv 9

happs, semillon, margaret river, australia 2012 13
merryvale, fumé blanc, napa valley, california 2014 17
domaine laroche, chardonnay, chablis, france 2016 16

kruger-rumpf, pinor noir, nahe, germany 2017 13
scholium, stampede vineyard zinfandel, lodi, California 2016 16

emeritus, hallberg ranch pinot noir, russian river, california 2014 23
j bouchon, pais salvaje, maule valley, chile 2017 16
lopez heredia, ‘cubillo,’ tempranillo crianza, rioja, spain 2009 18
round pond, ‘kith + kin,’ cabernet sauvignon, napa, california 2016 22

lemorton poiré, normandy, france nv 9

aperol piedmont, italy 7
campari, milan, italy 7
tempus fugit ‘gran classic,’ bern, switzerland 12


japanese whiskey
akashi white oak 10
komagatake lucky cat, ‘ash ‘99’ 26
nikka coffey grain 16
nikka coffey malt 16
nikka ‘from the barrel’ 18
nikka miyagikyo 12yr 34
nikka taketsuru 17yr 48
nikka taketsuru 21yr 55
nikka taketsuru pure malt 16
nikka yoichi 15yr 43
suntory toki 9
hakushu 12yr 19
hakushu 18yr 56
hibiki 12yr 22
hibiki 17yr 34
yamazaki 18yr 56

world whiskey
kavalan classic, taiwan 21
kavalan moscatel cask 111.2, taiwan 129

adrien camut 12yr pays d’auge, france 29
château du breuil 15yr 24
château du breuil 20yr 34
famille dupont, 1989 25
lecompte 12yr, pays d’auge 14
lemorton domfrontais, 1972 56
lemorton domfrontais, 1980 44
lemorton domfrontais, 1987 31
manoir de montreuil ‘selection’ 10

other french brandies
jean-paul metté framboise sauvage, alsace, france 10
jean-paul metté poire williams, alsace, france 10
jacoulot fine de bourgogne 19
jacoulot marc de bourgogne 15

american brandies
clear creek poire william, oregon 10
clear creek mirabelle plum, oregon 14
clear creek italian blue plum, oregon 12
osocalis apple brandy, california 19
osocalis, rare alambic, california 10

world brandies
do ferreiro orujo de galicia, spain 14
hans reisetbauer, carrot eau de vie, austria 22
campo de encanto ‘distiller’s reserve moscatel’ 12
ocucaje quebranta 7
torres, 15yr reserve, spain 9
viejo tonel pisco acholado, peru 10
viejo tonel pisco italia, peru 10
viejo tonel pisco quebranta, peru 10

champagne, sparkling, cider

alfred gratien, brut millesime 2000 177
ayala, brut majeur, aÿ, valee de la marne nv 87
bernard remy, brut grand cru, allemant nv 80
billecart-salmon brut blanc de blancs, mareuil-sur-aÿ 2004 340
billecart-salmon brut 2006 180
billecart-salmon ‘cuvée nicolas françois billecart’ 2002 333
billecart-salmon ‘cuvée nicolas françois billecart’ 2006 363
billecart-salmon ‘cuvée elisabeth,’ brut rosé 2006 438
bollinger, brut, aÿ, valée de la marne nv 136
bruno paillard brut grand cru blanc de blancs 2004 150
canard-duchêne, brut, montagne de reims nv 70
chartogne-taillet brut, ‘sainte anne’, merfy nv 90
demarne-frison brut nature, ‘goustan,’ côte des bars nv 99
doyard-mahé extra brut, blanc de blancs, vertus 2010 161
gaston-chiquet special club grand cru, dizy 2007 150
gosset, ‘celebris,’ brut, aÿ 2002 275
gosset, ‘brut excellence,’ aÿ nv 75
jean milan, sec, blanc de blancs, oger nv 90
louis roederer, ‘starck,’ brut nature
paul bara, brut reserve, bouzy, montagne de reims nv 97
pierre gimonnet brut special club grand cru, oger 2008 220
pierre gimonnet brut special club grand cru, oger 2012 268
rené geoffroy brut expression, cumières nv 92
thiénot brut rosé, taissy, montagne de reims nv 112
vouette et sorbée brut nature, ‘fidéle,’ côte des bars nv 150
vouette et sorbée brut nature, ‘blanc d’argile’ nv 180

ca’del bosco, ‘annamaria clementi,’ franciacorta, Italy 2008 171
chapel down, ‘three graces,’ kent, england 2011 120
domaine carneros ‘le rêve,’ carneros, california 2008 150
gramona, ‘la cuvee,’ cava brut gran reserve, spain nv 56
gusborne, blanc de blancs, kent, england 2013 136
langlois-château, brut rosé cabernet franc, loire, france nv 52
maximin grünhauser, riesling sekt, mosel, germany 2014 75
mionetto, valdobiaddene, italy 2017 45
peter lauer, riesling sekt, mosel, Germany 2014 69
robert weil, riesling sekt, rheingau, germany 2014 100
schramsberg brut, ‘j schram,’ california 2007 180

beer, soda, cider, sweet

bayerisch bahnhof, berliner weisse, leipzig, germany 12
brasserie boon, oude gueze, belgium 15
brasserie dupont, ‘saison dupont,’ belgium 15
coronado brewing co. ‘islander’ ipa, san diego, california 7
kiuchi brewery ‘hitachino nest’ white ale, ibaraki, japan 11
north coast brewing co. ‘scrimshaw’ pilsner, fort bragg, california 6
off-color brewing, ‘apex predator,’ saison, chicago, Illinois 9
paulaner ‘salvator’ doppelbock, germany 7
reissdorf kölsch cologne, germany (500ml) 11
st. peter’s porter, england (500ml) 12

sparkling cider
aaron burr, east branch, new york 500ml 2015 45
eric bordelet poiré, ‘granit,’ normandy, france 750ml 60
eric bordelet brut, normandy, france 750ml 38
lemorton, normandy, france 750ml 36

house-made sodas
honey tarragon soda 5
lavender-thyme lemonade 5
pemberton’s kola 5

non-alcoholic beverages
abita root beer new orleans, louisiana 5
cold brew lychee black tea 6

alvear, solera 1927 16
blandy’s 5yr sercial, madeira, portugal 8
blandy’s 10yr malmsey, madeira, portugal 10
blandy’s 15yr malmsey, madeira, portugal 20
blandy’s malmsey, madeira, portugal 1985 30
blandy’s malmsey, madeira, portugal 1996 19
blandy’s sercial, madeira, portugal 1966 50
d’oliveiras sercial, madeira, portugal 1969 44
château du pouys, sauternes, bordeaux, france 2014 12
moulin touchais, coteaux du layon, france 1982 25
sandeman 10yr tawny port, portugal 8
sandeman 20yr tawny port, portugal 13
sandeman 30yr tawny port, portugal 23
sandeman 40yr tawny port, portugal 35


d’arroze, 1999 27
busca de maniban, ténarèze, 1978 42
château laubade, bas-armagnac,1966 77
château laubade, bas-armagnac, 1967 77
château laubade, bas-armagnac, 1977 49
château laubade, bas-armagnac, 1987 37
château de pellehaut 12
château de ravignan, bas-armagnac, 1981 41
château tariquet, folle blanche 10
domaine boingnères baco, bas-armagnac, 1975 94
domaine boingnères folle blanche, bas-armagnac, 1981 123
domaine boingnères, folle blanche, bas-armagnac, 1985 53
domaine boingnères, folle blanche, bas-armagnac, 1986 120
domaine boingnères, folle blanche, bas-armagnac, 2001 33
domaine de julien, bas-armagnac, 1976 33
joÿ, 1970 28

bache gabrielsen ‘natur elegance,’ vsop 13
bache gabrielsen grande champagne xo, ‘sérenité extra’ 39
camus xo, borderies 45
camus vsop, borderies 13
camus vs 7
dudognon grande champagne, reserve 10yr 10
dudognon grande champagne, heritage 40yr 60
françois voyer, xo, grande champagne 22
frapin cigar perfect blend, fine champagne 34
frapin extra 225
frapin first 11
frapin vip xo 50
hennessy vs 14
hine 13
rémy martin xo fine champagne 43
rémy martin louis xiii grand champagne (1 oz.) 450